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Mood of Light' comprises a range of inflatable lighting products that have been given personality by adding various attributes to create a closer relationship with the user. One of the design directions describes the 'Companion' which, through its voluminosity, presence and tangibility, is always at the user's side and thus conveys a feeling of warmth. The resulting luminaire 'BOB' consists of the inflatable body (diffusor), the light source, which also serves as a base, and a control unit for dimming the light. 


The second design direction describes the more quiet 'Adaptator' which fits into different rooms and scenarios. The lighting product 'TAMA' radiates a high degree of adaptability through its segmentation and can be used flexibly with the addition of various modules.BOB and TAMA harmonise in their formal aspects and thus radiate a sense of belonging. The simple construction of both lighting products allows the product to be packed easily and compactly, thus simplifying transport.


State Academy of Fine Arts // Stuttgart


BOBMaterial_ManuelDiegruber copy_edited.jpg
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