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NHS Simulation

The goal is to allow the medical students to build empathy with the patients through simulation. As most of the already existing types of simulation are very specific to one particular mental state, we want to create an app that can gather a broad range of different symptoms to then create a perception that accurately describes the mental state of an individual patient. (Using low cost Google Cardboard glasses). Filming the actual surrounding, that the student is in, while the app is actively putting effects on the recording, will make the whole perception more realistic. In Addition to the aspect of vision and sound, we also want to have an impact on the physical feeling of the students which will allow those to fully understand of what a patient has to go through day by day.  This will be achieved by the use of upper body parts and arm and leg restrictions that can be set in different stages to allow variation. The whole set should be at low cost, mobile and easy to use to get more students involved in a shorter amount of time. 


Glasgow School of Arts // 



in cooperation with

National Health Service (NHS)

NHS_Simulation_ACTION VR Kopie
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