The Good, the Bad, the ID

Exhibition 07/ 2018

Every year, there is an exhibition showing the project works that has been produced from all the students over the last year at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. In this year, the exhibition of the Industrial Design Department is entitled "The good, the bad, the ID".

The aim of this exhibition is not only to look at the finished design models, but also to show the visitor the designers’ core, allowing them to experience the creative persons’ emotions that accumulated during the last year. 

The most projects start with an extremely colorful, crazy and unsorted phase, though moving towards a clear vision at the end. The emotions of the exhibition range from creative low points to the motivating ray of hope. The closer it gets to the end, the greater is the creative power. Constantly improving the ideas gives rise to many things that are ultimately brought together, which has mainly been shown through the use of lights and colours throughout the exhibition. 


State Academy of Fine Arts// Stuttgart// Germany

with Charlotte Zeh, Sascha dos Santos & Damon Scheffold


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