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In which way can lighting positively affect an individuals’ mood through different modes of transformation, tangibility and visual storytelling? Companion interacts and communicates with the user through its friendly appearance and tangibility to induce a sense of happiness. It creates an emotional bond with the user.


Many struggle with loneliness, stress and anxiety and need a companion that acts as a source of peace and calmness. Lighting can respond to this through its ability to seem ‘alive’. Companion becomes a character that is born to enlighten a persons soul, creating a parallel universe that should visualise the power of imagination and help the user feel that they are part of the companions’ journey. 


Through the soft but durable nature of the silicone the lights are able to provide a level of simplicity and act as a metaphor to the fragile yet strong nature of our minds.


Always look on the bright side of life, lights will guide you home. 

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UAL Central Saint Martins // London

United Kingdom

inner palace MOON.png

Dark Space

Inner palace SKY 01 Artboard 1.JPG

Vivid Dreams

Inner palace LOVE 01 Artboard 1.jpg


ualCompanionFamily01 01 Artboard 1.png
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