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In which way can lighting positively affect an individuals’ mood through different ways of transformation, tangibility and visual storytelling? My aim of this project is to create a companion that  interacts and communicates with the user in playful ways to induce a sense of happiness. 


A lot of people struggle with loneliness, stress and anxiety and need a companion that acts as a source for peace and calmness. Lighting is the optimal product range to express emotion through making it seem alive. The lighting becomes a character that is born to enlighten a persons soul. Making it transformable through visual or physical changes as well as highlighting the engagement for interaction will strengthen the emotional bonding with the user, as it will give them the feeling of being involved. 


In this project, I intend to induce the magic of earlier life experiences that include playfulness and daydreams, creating a parallel universe that should visualise the power of imagination and make the users feel that they are part of the products’/ companions' journey. 


Always look on the bright side of life, lights will guide you home.

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