I hold a degree of Foundation diploma graduating with a Merit at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Great Britain, which allowed me to explore the different topics within the broad area of design. Having that experience, I was able to apply for the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, where I am currently studying in the eight semester. Over the last few years at the Academy I have gained experience in an even broader range of topics within the industry. I have started my studies by creating typical consumer oriented design products such as men’s shavers, office products and Lighting. I have also been a part of solely experimental work and products that build a connection between fashion and design. With my lighting project at the academy I have earned the award ‚Design Plus powered by Light+Building 2018‘. The final product was exhibited at the trade fair Light+Building Frankfurt in March 2018. Between September 2018 and January 2019, I got the chance to gather further experience within the broad field of product design with the Erasmus exchange program at the Glasgow School of Arts in Scotland. 


During my two internships at Whirlpool in Benton Harbor/ United States, I have collected hands-on work experience, additionally to the theoretical and practical work conducted at the Academy. At Whirlpool, it was crucial have a strong sense of teamwork as well as having the ability to present a broad range of ideas in a short amount of time. Thus, I especially got a lot of practice on sketching and presenting my ideas in a quick but also conceptual manner. 

Describing myself as a very sociable and purposeful person, I enjoy working in a team as it gives you the opportunity to instantly exchange various opinions and discuss potential flaws that may happen during a design process. I find it easy to fit into team situations by being able to effectively communicate and work within a team. Living, studying and working abroad allowed me to connect and collaborate with people from many different cultural backgrounds.